St. Anthony Milwaukee and Great Schools


Welcome to St. Anthony School of Milwaukee! We have been proudly serving our community for 140 years. Because St. Anthony School has an excellent reputation for traditional Catholic education and faith formation, parents trust that we will educate the whole child- academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and morally.
St. Anthony’s serves students in K3-12 through various educational and support programs.

St. Anthony School of Milwaukee proudly participates in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). We have always accepted every student who wishes to attend our school regardless of ability level or English language proficiency. Every year for the past decade, we have accepted more than 100 new students, across all grade levels. This exceptional growth is likely to not have been experienced by any school in the nation with or without similar demographics. Our mission has always been to educate any and every child who enters our doors, with rigorous academic standards as well as a safe and disciplined environment. Because of our dedication to the needs of our growing community, our overall State test scores have indeed suffered but this does not tell the real story or of our actual success.

Great Schools is currently updating their data collection process. Our faculty and staff have recently completed a climate survey, which will be reflected in our overall score. We are confidently awaiting our new score, which should be updated for the beginning of the school year. St. Anthony School believes in open and honest evaluation of data and accountability. However, we also want inquirers to understand that no system of evaluation is perfect and therefore can never truly measure the value or effectiveness of a program like St. Anthony’s. We encourage you to come and see our school for yourself and witness our success first hand.

St. Anthony’s School has successfully provided thousand of students with the education necessary to enter college, to find successful careers, and to serve the local community. Evidence of our success includes:

  • St. Anthony High School’s first graduating class (2013) has been accepted to over 40 colleges/universities, including Cardinal Stritch University, Marquette University, Mount Mary College, and the University of Wisconsin. These students have been awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships!
  • A 141-year tradition of educational excellence.
  • Community service projects are imbedded within the curriculum to address local and global needs.

We encourage you to visit our full website for more information about our programs. Please feel free to call 414-384-6612 to schedule a tour or to enroll today!

“All of the teachers [at St. Anthony] pushed me toward my limit – to try my best in everything, to achieve everything possible, to get in to college, and to be successful.”

-Arturo Aquino