College Scholarship Fund

Felicidades 2018 St. Anthony School Fund Scholarship Recipients
Jesus Rangel, America Rosete, Joana Ortiz, Lucero Romero, Jessica Catalan, Oscar Segura-Rojas, Justin Tran, Anahi Navarro, Alexis Navarro, Jazmine Arteaga, Alondra Ruiz.

At St. Anthony School,  we believe that every student should have the same opportunity to succeed as their peers - and become who God made them to be – regardless of their socioeconomic background. For that reason, we have initiated a college scholarship fund. This scholarship is 100% privately funded. 
You may name a scholarship by donating $1,000 annually for 5 consecutive years. For more information, please contact Maria Hernandez

Give the gift of hope to a high school senior today!