About St. Anthony School

Our Mission

St. Anthony School is a Catholic, urban school preparing students for post-secondary education. 

Who We Are

St. Anthony School is a Roman Catholic private school in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

With over 1, 700 students, St. Anthony’s is the nation’s largest Catholic K-12 School and the largest Parental Choice School.

St. Anthony School has been in existence since 1872, but has evolved and changed over the decades to meet the needs of our community.

Today, we serve a population that is primarily Hispanic and low-income across our five campuses. Our goal is to help these families realize the “American Dream,” offering academic and spiritual education for the whole child around the two pillars of faith formation and educational excellence. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed and to follow God’s call in his or her life.

Core Values of St. Anthony School Graduates

A St. Anthony School graduate is:

•    A person of faith, grounded in the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church 

•    A life-long learner who understands that learning is not a method but an approach to living. 

•    An effective communicator, able to articulate thoughts and ideas to a wide and diverse community 

•    A responsible member of the community, engaging the world by making a positive contribution to society. 


To view Mass schedules and other information, visit the St. Anthony Parish website.