About St. Anthony School

Our Mission

St. Anthony School is a Catholic, urban school preparing students for post-secondary education. 

Who We Are

We believe that all children deserve an equitable and rigorous education. We develop students to be people of faith, life-long learners, effective communicators, and responsible members of the community. To ensure this, we hold staff and students to high expectations for academic success, foster engagement and joy in our classrooms, build strong relationships, and live out the values of our Catholic faith.

Our educational model can be summarized by our school slogan: Faith, Family, Forward.

Faith: We are called by our Catholic faith to respect the life and dignity of our students, and stand in solidarity with all people. Our faith grounds us in the importance of ensuring that all students have access to an excellent education. Students engage in weekly mass, regular religious instruction, and prepare for sacraments.

Family: We build relationships to strengthen our St. Anthony Familia tying our school, parish, and community together.  We serve to connect families to educational, health, and community resources.  We seek to build relationships and community through assemblies, advisory, and service.  ​

Forward: We center what is best for students in our decision making. We acknowledge the gaps in educational opportunity caused by inequity, but are not deterred by them. From ages 2 to 18, we work to provide students with an education that prepares them for success after high school. 

Core Values of St. Anthony School Graduates

A St. Anthony School graduate is:

•    A person of faith, grounded in the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church 

•    A life-long learner who understands that learning is not a method but an approach to living. 

•    An effective communicator, able to articulate thoughts and ideas to a wide and diverse community 

•    A responsible member of the community, engaging the world by making a positive contribution to society. 


To view Mass schedules and other information, visit the St. Anthony Parish website.