Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I look forward to a successful year in collaboration with all of you.

I am humbled to lead St. Anthony Middle School with its long tradition of educating youth on Milwaukee’s near south side.  I strongly believe that if we - students, teachers and parents - work together, we can prepare our students by promoting St. Anthony School’s core values by helping each student become a person of faith, a life-long learner, an effective communicator, and a responsible member of the community.  

Our school community is determined to foster an environment where every single person feels welcome.  Every day of this school year we will educate our students both spiritually and academically.  We desire to live a life guided by God’s presence, the principle and foundation of all our daily activities. We want to establish high academic and personal standards for all our students, and we want to help them achieve those standards. We will challenge our students to give their all - and sometimes a little bit more.  We want to achieve this goal as a family who is constantly pursuing happiness together and facing difficulties together. 

Faith. Family. Forward is our motto at St. Anthony School.  I strongly believe in the importance of living this motto not only at the school, but also at home and in our community.  As your middle school principal, I will ensure that every single person attempts to achieve and live our motto – Faith. Family. Forward. 

It is my honor and privilege to serve you as the school principal for the 2017-2018 school year.

St. Anthony
Pray for us!

Alfredo Astorga-Velasquez
Middle School Principal 6th – 8th Grade

At St. Anthony School, we believe that a child’s experience outside the classroom is just as important as their experience in it. We offer our students numerous opportunities to grow as whole people through music, athletics, service, and after-school programming, and a variety of student...

Parents are key members of the St. Anthony School Familia and important partners in much of the work done throught the school on behalf of each student. In addition to supporting their children in their academic and spiritual growth, they volunteer for different activities throughout...


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