About St. Anthony School

1872 | A new parish and school, consisting of four classrooms, opened. Three and four grades were taught in each room. The school was run by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

1873 | Mother Caroline purchased two lots on Fourth Avenue and built a home for the Sisters.

1882 | St. Anthony Church was erected. An addition was built in 1889. 

1895 | 112 children received First Holy Communion.

1906 | Sisters erected a larger convent south of the church. The Parish Hall was built in 1907.

1920 | The school building was condemned and a new school was dedicated by Archbishop Messmer.

1933 | Enrollment reached 561 pupils. Kindergarten was closed due to overcrowding in first grade.

1936 | An Individual Progress Room was inaugurated. Pupils of “low intelligence” were given opportunity to develop their talents and receive special attention.

1938 | 14 Sisters taught in the school. Classrooms were filled to capacity. There was no tuition fee; parish membership was the only requirement.

1941 | Two St. Anthony School boys entered the Seminary.

1945 | A new lunchroom opened. Students celebrated with cookies and soda.

1946 | 49 students graduated. Thiry of these students registered at Catholic high schools aided by the Education Fund. One graduate left to study with the Oblate Fathers. Five men from St. Anthony are now studying for the priesthood.

1958 | Due to the Chicago fire at Holy Angels School in Chicago, fire inspections were intensified and improvements were made to the school building.

1963 | Bishop Jerome Hastrich administered Confirmation. It was his first. Afterward he gave the Sisters a blessing. The bishop had been a boy of St. Anthony Parish and attended the grade school.

1965 | Student enrollment represented a wide diversity of nationalities but decreased to 342 students. Students taught by Nuns from many different orders, such as Sisters of St. Francis, Dominican Sisters, and Sisters of St. Joseph replaced the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

1975 | Demographics continue changing in the local area with Vietnamese and Hispanic families predominating the parish community.  This results in Vietnamese Nuns educating students of Vietnamese nationality in the Convent.

1984 | Pastor Dulek and Principal Mason signed on enhancing the school administration and curriculum. A four and five-year-old kindergarten program initiated for the first time.  The student enrollment continues reflecting the more diverse community of Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, and African American families of the Parish and local community.

1992 | Enrollment increases in 1992 with the addition of new education opportunities supported by the PAVE Program.

1998 | The Wisconsin Supreme Court became the first high court in America to let religious schools join a publicly-funded voucher program.

2004 | The Reading First Grant results in a new direct instruction program.  In the same year, the faculty votes to adopt the Core Knowledge Curriculum encompassing emphasis on Science, History, and Literature.

2009 | Rising enrollment demands required moving the 4th grade to an another building named Maria Hall.

2009 | St. Anthony High School opens at Christ King Hall.

2012 | St. Anthony High School moves to its present location, serving approximately 340 students.

2013 | St. Anthony Preschool and Daycare opens its doors and earns a Five-Star YoungStar rating.

2016 | Saint Anthony School System continues a rich history of continuing education improvement and delivery to the community, serving nearly 2,000 students, grades Pre-K-12, across five campuses.

2018 | St. Anthony School currently enrolls nearly 2,000 students, grades Pre-K-12, who study on five campuses.

2019 | St. Anthony High School celebrates 10th anniversary.


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